Knights of True North



OPTION LINE ... sponsors various womens crisis pregnancy centers around the nation.

I can think of nothing more noble than defending those who cannot defend themselves.

If you have a crisis pregnancy and need support of people who is a link that will assist you in finding a center near you.



 If you would like to make a donation to The Womens crisis pregnancy centers...or any other 501c3 charitable organization, you can donate you old car working or not to charity motors who will guarantee fair market value, AND that 70% of that value will go to the charity specified...not to mention you get a tax deduction for your bother...Remember..."The only thing necessary for evil to prosper, is for good men to do nothing...


Wall Builders is a fantastic source of information for those who realize somethings missing with the way our American history is presented.  Something is missing, our Christian Heritage as Americans, and how the Bible was so central to our freedoms, and founding documents.  Our founding fathers have much to tell us about the heart of their furvor for freedom...but that information has been intentionally withheld, from textbooks.  David Barton does an exemplary job in presenting this material from original sources.


 Answers in Genesis was founded by Ken Ham, and is a superlative source of information defending the literal creation account of the Bible...Their material is clear, concise, and authoritative...I have used many of their videos in my youth group...and don't forget to plan a visit to the Creation Museum in St. Petersburg, KY.  Their facility is top notch, and discounted tickets are often available at the Country Inn Suites, 11 miles away...(a clean and well managed facility with very reasonable prices in general)



Creation Evidence Museum in GlenRose Texas...

Was recommended highly to me as an excellent source of information on creationism...and has some unique resources in this field of study.


The Sword of The Lord scarcely needs an introduction. Beside the King James Bible, The Sword of The Lord has been as venerable a resource for Fundamental Christian thought as the old M-1 Garand was to our WWII vets.  Nuff Said.


E-SWORD is a great, free, Bible study program, with a powerful search utility, and customizable resources, including all the old stand bys, like Matthew Henry's, Barnes complete notes, Gills, Halleys, and many many more...

It allows comparitive studies between versions which is useful whether you are King James ONLY (which I am) or not...It also has the Textus Receptus (in Greek) as well as the Hebrew OT.  The King James is availabe as is, or in the 1611, or with Strong's numbers that open when you hover on them.  Some of the resources come at a reasonable cost (like the NIV), but most are FREE.  Free has always been one of my favorite words, and now for a whole new reason.




LAMPLIGHTER MINISTRIES supplier of excellent classic stories and materials stressing character and spirituality.  Fine quality binding and production.  Lamplighter ministries has recently launched an audio drama series which will be sindicated nationally or you can listen to it on the link provided below.  Lamlighter theatre will feature the voice talents of John Ryes Davies (of Lord of the Rings fame), and Tim Conway.  With God honoring resources in short supply...imagine an old fashioned evening around the radio.  Good night, and God Bless.

This is an exciting new ministry that picks back up the responsibilities so many churches have either refused, or haven't the resources to fund.  It is an outreach to the hurting, and abused.  Please read, and prayerfully consider supporting this ministry ... these are folks I know personally, and can recommend without reservation.