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 Dr. Gerald Schroedherr featured in the following videos is not only an authoritative physicist but also had a superlative command of the Hebrew text.


at first glance he appears to be espousing the old day/age theory, but if you listen all the way through to his last video (it takes about an hour) you will realize something much more nuanced, that will reaffirm your faith in the word of God.



"For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity, whose name is Holy; I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones."

(Isaiah 57:15)


One of the most difficult questions for the Biblical Creationist to answer is related to the the origin of the universe…more specifically it has to do with existence before time. When we come in contact with modern physics especially the writings of Stephen Hawking, and the like, we come to realize that space/time is a property of matter. Space/time is not an infinitely vast platform in which the all matter in the universe just happens to find itself. Space/time is like a field set up by matter allowing for it to manifest…and that field expands with the universes matter, sort of like an elastic envelope. The bigger question becomes what is outside of Space/time.

It is my contention is that eternity is not simply an abundance of time, but rather a place outside time itself. And is the inhabited solely by God Himself.

What this understanding accomplishes for us is manifold…

1st It allows for a non-sequential ordering of events in which our laws of logic like non-contradiction, and cause and effect have no relevance. God simply is, and he is without beginning or end.

When we consider the meaning of God’s name…“I AM” or “I AM THAT I AM” raises several points

   1. God is self existent, and transcendentally independent in that regard.

   2. God is omnipresent

         A. God is EVERYWHERE present

         B. God is (don’t nap now) EVERY WHEN present

And therein is an accounting of NON-SPACE/TIME OR ETERNITY.

2nd Even if for the sake of conversation I conceded a “big bang” cosmology that means that at the instant “prior” (a fallacious use of terminology because it assumes time) to the big bang there was no expansion of the temporal field…in other words since the universe was infinitely dense the extreme gravity precluded the existence of time itself. What this allows logically is the following…

   1. The universe cannot be self causing. A pre-bang environment in which neither space nor time exists does NOT allow for self causation, because the laws of cause and effect can only occur in a temporal matrix in which to operate.

Or to express this more simply I ask two questions…

      A. How can the universe be self causing if there is no space within which to act upon itself?

      B. How can the universe be self causing if there is no time within which to act upon Itself?

Which indicates that what or who-ever caused the universe came from outside Space/Time.

3rd If neither space nor time existed “pre” -bang …then how does the matter itself exist without space or time? And if it doesn’t then doesn’t that mean that we have just ‘witnessed’ the moment of creation ex-nihilio (out of nothing)?

4th All of this being the case we have at least witnessed the death of big-bang cosmology…because without either space, time, matter, or energy (since E=mc2 ,and even E requires a temporal matrix within which to function) , then why hold onto a model of cosmology that doesn’t account for what science has proved…We needn’t feel ashamed to assume at least the possibility of God…

I intend to cover what the extreme engineering of the Biblical text does toward proving much of what we as Christians take on faith.



Knightly Sir James




 If anyone tells you that there are no scientists within the mainstream peer reviewed process and literature who believe in Creationism... besides the good Dr. Gerald Schreodherr featured in the videos above, here's a list of them for your consideration...

With regard to the video to the left entitled "The Signs of God's Existence", one must keep in mind that the footage used under "Fair Use" laws was compiled by Muslim folk.  However much of the actual content is derived from Christian Apologists, and Scientist without a specific Religious inclination.  So I feel that it's use here ... is as fair (and accurate to the point) for the Christian World view re: Special Creation vs. Evolution, as it is for the Muslim's arguing for nothing more than the existence of God.

In the Event that I have been less than clear.  I am a Christian, and do not post this with ANY intention of promoting Islam, whatsoever.  I post it here, to be instructive to this point alone:  The fact of God's existence is plain and clear, to the unprejudiced mind.